Stockton Personal Injury Attorneys

For more than 40 years the attorneys at, Drivon, Turner & Waters and its predecessor firms have been providing dedicated legal representation to people throughout Stockton, California, and the surrounding areas who are suffering because of another person's negligence.

why choose us?

Reason 1

We dedicate our entire practice to personal injury law and protecting the interests of injury victims.

Reason 2

We don’t do any work for insurance companies. Our only concern is obtaining justice for you.

Reason 3

Our experience has given us a full understanding of how insurance companies operate and the tactics they use.

Reason 4

You can rely on us to present a compelling case in support of your claim for damages.

We are lifelong residents of Stockton, and we think of our clients as friends.

Contact our office today to discuss your accident claim with a lawyer. We offer a free consultation where you can get honest answers to your questions and sound advice about how to proceed. You can reach us by phone at 209-800-8971 or contact us via email to schedule an appointment.