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Apr 08 2014

The personal injury and brain injury attorneys of Drivon, Turner & Waters explain the common types of head injuries resulting from accidents.

Mar 30 2014

Property owners need to ensure that their businesses keep surfaces dry and free from debris. Failure to do so can lead to slipping hazards and cause injuries to occur.

Mar 21 2014

Auto accidents of all kinds need to be taken very seriously. When multiple vehicles are involved, they can be more deadly, however. Let's compare single vehicle accidents to multiple vehicle accidents.

Mar 11 2014

There are three basic types of product defects that can give rise to product liability lawsuits. Find out what they are and how our personal injury attorneys help.

Feb 21 2014

In this blog post, our personal injury attorneys discuss auto accident cases involving uninsured drivers.

Feb 21 2014

Here, the personal injury attorneys of Drivon, Turner & Waters review the concept of mental anguish.

Feb 21 2014

In this blog post, the personal injury lawyers of Drivon, Turner & Waters review the meaning of a lawyer vs. an attorney.

Mar 07 2013

Civil Justice was rendered in a San Joaquin County Courtroom last week when a jury composed of 3 men and nine women found The Lodi Unified School District 90% liable for the  molestation of an 8 year special needs student, by a former employee on a District School Bus. 61 year old Richard Evans had been convicted of having sex with a prostitute in a delivery truck while working for a previous employer prior to being hired by the Lodi School District. District officials were found to have been negligent in hiring Evans because of their knowledge of his previous conviction, which had been expunged before he was hired.

Mar 07 2013

State lawmakers took steps toward the protection of California citizens Tuesday by passing bills which prevent insurance companies from discriminating against individuals based on health status, medical condition, plan experience or genetic information. 

Mar 07 2013

Local news agencies have reported that a fatal crash took place on Highway 4 yesterday, Wednesday March 6th, involving a 52 year old Lathrop woman whose name has not been released. Investigating officers have indicated that the Woman was traveling on eastbound Highway 4 near the El Dorado exit when her 2005 Chevy spun out of control and crashed into the center median.