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Grandmother killed in pedestrian accident while on walk

Grandparents and grandkids share a special bond that often cannot be replaced. All throughout California many grandparents step up and help their children take care of and raise their grandchildren so that their kids may work, earn a living, or simply have a little time to themselves without the challenges of caring for the kids. Recently a California grandmother was out walking with her young granddaughter and another young relative when an unthinkable incident occurred.

The grandmother and two kids were on a sidewalk next to a fence when a driver on the opposite side of the fence backed up, drove through the fence, and pinned the grandmother to the ground with her vehicle. While the granddaughter, who was in a stroller, suffered some injuries and the other young relative was uninjured the grandmother succumbed to her injuries upon arriving at the hospital and passed away.

Why texting and driving is a serious threat to those on the road

Texting while you're behind the wheel is illegal and dangerous. Every time you look away from the roads, you're leaving yourself open to getting into an accident. When you look away, you may not see a vehicle stop ahead of you, cross the center lane or lose control of your vehicle after striking an object in the road.

Distractions are always a problem, but one of the most dangerous is texting. With the introduction of digital devices, texting and driving has become prominent. While it's illegal, some people do continue to text and drive, which puts others at risk of injuries.

Your medical malpractice claim may be compensable

The power of medical science to heal the vast array of injuries and illnesses that befall Stockton residents is truly astounding. No longer do serious injuries mean that a person will be disabled for the rest of their life or that a person will perish from cancer simply because of such a diagnosis. Medical professionals can treat diseases and disorders effectively when they work within the standards of their professions and make patient care paramount in their daily practices.

While many doctors will complete their careers without ever having to deal with claims of medical mistakes, some doctors may find themselves facing medical malpractice claims when their patients experience suffering as a result of delinquent or substandard care. Although risks do exist in the practice of medicine, negligence and the failure of a doctor meet his or her professional duty to his or her patients may serve as the bases of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

How can medical professionals prevent post-surgical infections?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately one to three people out of every 100 who have surgery develop infections at the site where the surgical procedures took place. A Stockton resident may fear that they have a post-surgical infection if the site of their surgery is red and inflamed, producing discharge or if they have a fever. Post-surgical infections can introduce serious complications into the recovery period of a patient, but in some cases they may be preventable.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff should take preventative steps to reduce the risks of infection for their surgical patients. Comprehensive hand and arm cleaning by individuals in the operating room with antiseptic soap should be undertaken prior to surgery, and operating room participants should wear gear that covers their mouths, hair, and other germ-carrying parts of their body.

Protect your rights and safety after a car accident

A car accident can cause stress and confusion in the life of a Stockton resident. Even if the victim does not suffer injuries from the car collision, they still must deal with the trauma of a near-disaster and the potential for significant damage to their property. This post will discuss in brief some of the steps a person can take after a motor vehicle accident in order to preserve their chances of pursuing compensation for their losses.

In the moments after a crash all parties, victims and negligent individuals alike, should remain at the site of the collision. This way, all of the individuals involved may exchange information such as their addresses, insurance contacts and telephone numbers. They also may be able to provide support to parties who were hurt when the accident occurred.

Ride-sharing companies and drunk driving: Know your rights

According to the ride-sharing platform Uber, just under 150,000 people offer their driving services to others within the borders of California. While in many instances individuals are able to safely find rides and arrive at their destinations using the Uber app and online service, some individuals have found reasons to question the safety of the people Uber has cleared to drive.

Though Uber claims to have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving, a review by the California Public Utilities Commission has found that the company failed to properly investigate 151 out of 154 passenger complaints about suspected drunk Uber drivers during a one-year period. In fact, CPUC found that Uber only took investigative steps in 21 of those cases and now the company may face more than $1 million in fines from the state.

What do you do if vehicle defects cause you harm?

There is no doubt that the vehicles consumers drive have gotten safer over time. Regulations have mandated that automobile manufacturers improve safety features like airbags and seatbelts while also improving the crashworthiness of the vehicles they put out on the roads. Many Stockton residents do an enormous amount of research on how safe their prospective vehicles are before committing to making those cars, trucks, and SUVs their own.

However, despite the efforts of both consumers and manufacturers to select the safest components for their vehicles, incidents do occur where the parts of cars fail to protect their riders from harm. Any part of a vehicle can fail and result in injuries or death to those inside of it, including but not limited to bad brakes, faulty airbags, overheating engines, and others.

Dog bite litigation often falls under premises liability law

Pets often make the lives of Stockton residents better. Many animals offer their owners unconditional love in exchange for little more than a place to sleep and food to eat. However, not all individuals who choose to keep pets on their property properly train and care for the animals they bring into their homes. When animals lash out and attack humans and other creatures their owners can be liable for the injuries they cause.

Just as other types of property may cause victims to suffer harm, so too can pets. Particularly, it is not uncommon for dogs to attack or bite if they feel threatened or are not trained to yield. A dog bite can be a very serious matter than may result in injuries or even death if the wounds caused by the animal are severe.

5 ways catastrophic burn injuries change a man's life

You've always been the breadwinner at home, and you have made sure to keep up your level of fitness. You work hard and play hard. One thing you never saw coming was an accident that would lead to catastrophic burns. Burn injuries are severe in some cases, leading to life-altering consequences.

Burn injuries result when fire or an explosion reaches the skin. The heat from the flames penetrate the skin, damaging the tissue, muscles and even the bones beneath the surface. Burns don't only come from flames and explosions, though. Some burns, like chemical burns, come from acidic and toxic materials.

Proving liability in medical malpractice cases

Doctors spend years of their lives learning to provide medical care to individuals who suffer from health-related ailments. The rigorous course of study they complete and the assessments they must pass are designed to prepare California doctors to meet the needs of diverse patients and medical cases.

Many doctors provide superlative care to those under their charge and fulfil their duties to their patients. However, some doctors fail to provide adequate attention to those who visit their offices and hospitals and their failures result in their patients suffering harm. When a doctor commits negligence in the process of treating a patient that doctor may have committed medical malpractice.

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