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Accident-related brain injuries can be catastrophic

Car accidents happen in and around Stockton each day and, fortunately, most of these crashes result in no injuries or only minor injuries. Not every car accident results in catastrophic harm thanks, in part, to the many safety features that modern vehicles utilize to keep drivers and passengers out of harm's way. However, significant injuries are still possible when vehicles collide on California streets and highways, and this post will focus on one of the most damaging injuries that a vehicle accident victim can experience: traumatic brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury, also called TBI, occurs when an individual suffers an external force upon their body that causes damage to their brain. The injuries can be closed, which means that the injury occurs without the external force penetrating the skull; an open TBI happens when an external article breaks into the skull and affects the brain.

Burns: Scarring, disabling injuries that require treatment

Burn injuries are some of the most difficult to deal with in the long term. They scar, disfigure and change how the body works. Depending on the area burned, a person could have a disability or be unable to expose the scars to sunlight for fear of additional side effects.

There are several degrees of burns. First-degree burns are the least severe. Second-degree burns are more severe, and third-degree burns are the most severe. Burns can cause scarring, swelling, blistering and shock, depending on the severity of the burns and how much of the body is covered in burns.

Do I have a legal claim for my slip-and-fall injuries?

At some point, every person suffers a fall. While in some California residents may take a tumble due to their own carelessness or lack of attention, in many other cases, individuals suffer serious injuries and harm when they fall due to other people's negligence. Slip-and-fall injuries are often compensable, but to prevail, victims generally must build strong cases to prove their claims.

Depending on where a victim suffered their slip-and-fall injuries, the preparation of their claim may vary. For example, if a victim stepped on unmarked water in the aisle of the grocery store and fall to the ground, they may be able to build a case by claiming the grocery store failed to maintain its interior in a safe manner for those they invited to shop at their store. However, if a victim trespasses on the property of a private landowner and trips over a root that was concealed by leaves, their claim may be difficult to prove, as they did not have permission to be on the property owner's land.

Surgical errors are a threat to patients' health and safety

The rare individual looks forward to checking into the hospital to have a surgical procedure, but every day many Californians muster up their courage and arrive at medical centers to have surgeries to improve their health. Surgeries, by their nature, are invasive and even when minor can cause patients to experience long recoveries and significant periods of healing. Unfortunately, not every surgery goes as it should, and some patients suffer more after them than they did before going under the knife.

While some surgical issues may arise due to complications in the patients' conditions, others occur when doctors breach their duties to their patients and make surgical errors. Surgical errors are unfortunately common and can leave patients with suffering, pain and even death, if they are not remedied.

Defective consumer products can cause serious bodily harm

As of July, 19 different automobile manufacturers have had to recall vehicles because they included in them airbags made by product maker Takata. The airbags in the recalled vehicles have been known to explode with significant force and send metal shards into the vehicles' passenger compartments, leading to serious injuries and even victims' deaths.

The defects contained in the Takata airbags have affected California consumers as well as consumers throughout the country. They have placed millions of people at risk when those unsuspecting individuals got into their impacted vehicles due to the latent defects in the airbags that they did not know existed until the recall process began. The product recall process is helping raise awareness about this serious defective consumer product but it is still possible that more people may become victims before the airbag fixes are finished.

May my child file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Children have rights. In California and throughout the nation, children have the right to their basic needs, like education, medical care and to be safe in their own homes. Just as adults, children cannot be discriminated against based on their inclusion in protected classes and cannot have rights taken away from them without due process.

Children do not, however, have all of the same rights that adults enjoy. For example, children may not sue others or be sued in their own names. If a child becomes the victim of a personal injury-causing accident and requires the payment of damages to move their life forward, it may be up to their parents or guardians to initiate litigation on their behalf.

How dangerous is texting and driving?

In the last two decades the world of communication has drastically changed. Instead of having to stay home to wait for a phone call from a friend or post a letter through the mail, Stockton residents can receive calls, check their email, send text messages, and surf the internet all from devices that fit in the palms of their hands. Cell phones have made the world move faster since they all people to work and socialize while on the move; problems arise, however, when cell phones become distractions when individuals are driving their cars.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, eight Americans die every day in accidents that involve distracted drivers. While distracted driving can include behaviors not directly linked to cell phones, the FCC noted that cellular devices have contributed to an increase in distracted drivers across the country. Additionally, more than 1,100 people are hurt each day in distracted driving crashes.

Medical, surgical errors are a threat to patient health

Doctors and nurses can provide ailing patients with the treatment they need to find relief from their medical problems and work toward healthy futures. Although it is normal for Californians to see their doctors for regular check-ups to make sure that they are physically sound, it is often very normal for individuals to seek the assistance of medical professionals when new and sometimes upsetting symptoms disrupt their well-being.

Though most patients benefit from the diagnoses and treatments that their doctors and medical providers offer, some find themselves in worsened medical conditions after seeking the counsel of medical professionals. There are legitimate reasons that a patient may get worse while under the care of a doctor, but it is an unfortunate truth that some patients suffer declining health due to the mistakes and errors their doctors make during the treatment process.

Grandmother killed in pedestrian accident while on walk

Grandparents and grandkids share a special bond that often cannot be replaced. All throughout California many grandparents step up and help their children take care of and raise their grandchildren so that their kids may work, earn a living, or simply have a little time to themselves without the challenges of caring for the kids. Recently a California grandmother was out walking with her young granddaughter and another young relative when an unthinkable incident occurred.

The grandmother and two kids were on a sidewalk next to a fence when a driver on the opposite side of the fence backed up, drove through the fence, and pinned the grandmother to the ground with her vehicle. While the granddaughter, who was in a stroller, suffered some injuries and the other young relative was uninjured the grandmother succumbed to her injuries upon arriving at the hospital and passed away.

Why texting and driving is a serious threat to those on the road

Texting while you're behind the wheel is illegal and dangerous. Every time you look away from the roads, you're leaving yourself open to getting into an accident. When you look away, you may not see a vehicle stop ahead of you, cross the center lane or lose control of your vehicle after striking an object in the road.

Distractions are always a problem, but one of the most dangerous is texting. With the introduction of digital devices, texting and driving has become prominent. While it's illegal, some people do continue to text and drive, which puts others at risk of injuries.

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