We Hold Negligent Property Owners Liable For Your Injuries

Premises liability is a particularly contentious area of personal injury law, as it frequently sparks debate over who is to blame for an accident that occurs on private property, such as a slip-and-fall accident. The lawyers at Drivon Turner & Waters, PLC, are experienced in premises liability claims of all kinds, whether they involve an unmarked spill, an open pothole, a broken step or a dangerous animal. Our lawyers can help you determine who is responsible for your accident and the extent of your damages.

Premises Liability Explained

Premises liability is an area of civil tort law that holds commercial and private property owners liable for a spinal cord injury, brain injury, burn injury or any other injury that occurs on their property as a result of their negligence. Although proving negligence can sometimes be difficult, California has strict legislation when it comes to slip-and-fall and other accident claims involving premises liability.

Our lawyers are thoroughly versed in the intricacies of premises liability law and will be happy to discuss the details of your case during a consultation at our office in Stockton. When evaluating your case, we will take several factors into account. Primary questions we will consider include:

  • Was the property owner directly responsible for the unsafe condition?
  • Was the property owner aware of the condition? If so, did he or she fail to mark the condition and/or take steps to correct it?
  • Under the assumption of "reasonable care," should the owner have known about the dangerous condition and taken appropriate measures to prevent potential injuries?

The final question is based on the assumption that a reasonable person would be able to recognize a problem and take appropriate, timely steps to fix the situation and prevent any injuries it could potentially cause. This logic applies to the victim as well.

For example, a "reasonable" person would not wander onto a construction site or fail to spot an obvious spill in the middle of a grocery store. As one can imagine, the lines are often blurry when it comes to determining responsibility.

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