We Hold Pet Owners Responsible For Their Vicious Or Dangerous Animals

Attacks by dogs and other domestic animals are a major problem in the United States, particularly in California. Nearly 5 million people suffer dog bite injuries every year in the U.S., and of these, 800,000 require medical attention. California ranks first in the country for the number of fatal dog bite attacks and has therefore imposed strict regulations regarding dog attacks and owner liability.

At Drivon Turner & Waters, PLC, in Stockton, our personal injury lawyers are experienced with owner and premises liability claims. If you or a family member has been bitten by a dog or another domestic animal through the fault of its owner, our attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and help you obtain damages for personal injury or wrongful death.

Dog bite victims are usually eligible for both compensatory and punitive damages to cover medical expenses, lost wages and emotional trauma.

California Dog Bite Law

California imposes strict regulations when it comes to domestic animal attacks. Civil Code §3342 states that a dog's owner is liable for any dog bite injuries suffered by another person, regardless of whether the dog is in a public place or on the owner's private property and whether or not the dog has ever bitten anyone before. This premise is known as "strict liability," meaning that owners are automatically responsible for their dog's behavior in almost every case. There are certain instances in which the owner may claim immunity; for instance, police and military dog owners are usually exempt.

At our Stockton firm, our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of California tort and premises liability law, and we have brought many animal attack claims to successful verdicts and settlements.

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While discussing your dog bite claim, our attorneys will ask you for the details surrounding your case, including the owner's name and contact information, the type of dog or other animal involved, and any other information you feel will be helpful in establishing your case. From there, our attorneys can begin to determine if the owner can be held liable for your pain, suffering and financial losses.