Our Commitment Is To Helping People Injured Or Killed By Defective Products

Manufacturers and the merchants who sell their products have a responsibility to consumers to put safe and effective merchandise on the market. Product liability is an area of civil tort law that provides recourse for consumers who have suffered serious personal injury as a result of using or consuming a defective product.

At Drivon Turner & Waters, PLC, we strongly believe in upholding consumer rights. By bringing serious product liability claims to court, our attorneys send a strong message of dissatisfaction to corporations worldwide. Over the last four decades, our lawyers have obtained several substantial defective product settlements involving everything from defective drugs to vehicle defects.

Product Liability Explained

While most consumers expect the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure that the products it regulates are safe for their intended use, this is unfortunately not always the case. Often, products are rushed through the FDA approval process and do not undergo adequate safety testing. Frequently, the long-term effects of certain drugs are not properly evaluated or fully disclosed to the public.

In other product liability cases, a company may intentionally misrepresent its product as being safe for a certain age group or demographic, when in fact it is not. Although the specific circumstances of a product liability claim may vary, our attorneys regularly represent victims who have suffered serious harm, including brain injury, spinal cord injury and burn injury, as a result of a manufacturer's or merchant's negligence.

Common Product Liability Cases

There can be a wide range of injuries when it comes to product liability. Our attorneys generally handle only cases that involve serious harm, including cases of wrongful death. The most common product liability claims include:

  • Vehicle defects, including faulty tires, air bags and vehicle design
  • Defective or dangerous drugs
  • Faulty machinery (including safety guards)
  • Inadequate propane and natural gas storage
  • Improper safety warnings on dangerous toys, machinery and appliances
  • Faulty software programming on vehicles, appliances and prescription drug databases

We thoroughly investigate every product liability claim we handle to determine the extent of a manufacturer's negligence and if it properly warned the public of a danger. We can then use this information, along with our client's medical records and bills, to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering in the aftermath of a serious injury.

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