We Protect Consumers From Unscrupulous Companies

At Drivon Turner & Waters, PLC, in Stockton, our personal injury lawyers are passionate about upholding the rights of California consumers. In a market full of choices, but fraught with dishonest practices, we offer ethical representation to victims of consumer and investment fraud, identity theft, defective products, and other violations of consumer rights. The civil justice system exists so that consumers have a place to turn when their rights are violated. It is our duty as legal professionals to protect consumers.

Consumer Rights Overview

Consumer law is designed to protect consumers from deception and coercion by the companies that serve them. It does so by regulating the advertising and selling of products and services as well as granting consumers certain rights, such as the right to privacy. It also provides recourse for consumers who have suffered serious personal injury in cases of professional negligence, such as medical malpractice.

A "consumer" is defined as any individual who purchases goods or services for personal or household use. In essence, consumers include everyone — even CEOs and politicians must purchase food and products for themselves and their families. Because this economic group is so vast in scope, we all share a vested interest in preserving fair business practices. Conversely, the magnitude of the international market yields endless opportunities for dishonest businesses and service providers to take advantage of the consumer.

In the United States, a great deal of important consumer protection legislation exists at the state and federal level, and our attorneys are committed to helping our clients use this legislation to defend their rights. Likewise, consumer advocacy groups have been working for years to establish a list of fundamental consumer rights. This list includes:

  • The Right to Safety — Consumers have the right to be protected against products and services that are hazardous to their health.
  • The Right to Information — Consumers have the right to be presented with accurate, up-to-date information about a product and to be protected from misleading advertising.
  • The Right to Choice — Consumers should be able to choose from a diverse range of quality products and services offered at competitive prices.
  • The Right to Be Heard — Consumers have the right to have their interests represented in federal and state policy and in the development of services and products.
  • The Right to Redress — Consumers have the right to obtain just compensation for consumer fraud, shoddy goods or otherwise injurious services.

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