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Drivon Turner & Waters, PLC, in Stockton, California, is one of the most prominent personal injury practices in the area, and our attorneys have obtained millions of dollars for our clients in the past year alone. Below are examples of cases that were resolved by our personal injury attorneys during 2005 and 2006.

Childhood Sexual Abuse — Clergy

Gross settlements/jury verdicts over $100 million

The childhood sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic clergy has received much coverage in the national press. In 2002, the California Legislature approved a law, Code of Civil Procedure Section 340.1, that provided a one-year window for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse whose claims had been barred by the statute of limitations. The personal injury lawyers at Drivon Turner & Waters represented 128 adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Northern California coordinated proceedings and approximately 325 in two proceedings coordinated in Southern California. Laurence E. Drivon tried two cases in San Francisco Superior Court and received plaintiff verdicts. Robert T. Waters and Richard Simons (Furtado, Jaspovice & Simons) tried one case in Alameda County and one case in Contra Costa County and obtained plaintiff verdicts. The firm has successfully settled over 120 of the remaining cases in Northern California.

Motorcycle Accident — Alameda County

$3 million settlement in wrongful death claim

Drivon Turner & Waters brought a wrongful death claim on behalf of the survivors of a father who was killed in a motorcycle accident. The defendant made an illegal U-turn in front of the plaintiffs' father, who had been traveling at about 25 mph at the time of the accident. He died approximately a week after being admitted to the hospital.

Fall In Hospital — San Joaquin County

Jury verdict in the amount of $850,000

Davey L. Turner represented a patient who was dropped in the hospital and suffered a fractured ankle. The patient had been a multiple sclerosis survivor for the past 18 years, and the disease had affected her ability to walk. After she had requested to use the restroom, a certified nursing assistant (who had no knowledge of the patient's medical condition or medical history) attempted to transfer her. The patient fell and suffered severe injuries, including a fractured ankle.

Delayed Diagnosis Of Cancer — San Joaquin County

Settlement of $400,000 in medical malpractice case

Our Stockton personal injury attorneys represented a patient in this instance of medical malpractice. The patient had been experiencing back pain and bladder problems for several years. Her health care providers eventually diagnosed a blockage in her ureter. The cause of the blockage went undiagnosed for approximately 10 months and was finally identified as cancer.

Fall In Grocery Store — San Joaquin County

Settlement of $130,000 in premises liability case

Prior to this slip-and-fall accident, a grocery store employee saw a customer spill a "coffee drink" on the floor. Rather than cleaning up the spill, he put two large cones on the sides of the spill and called another employee to clean it up. The plaintiff, not seeing the cones or the spill, slipped on ice within the spill and injured her shoulder, requiring surgery. Our personal injury attorneys helped the victim obtain damages for her suffering.

Fall In Care Home — Stanislaus County

Settlement of $750,000 in negligence claim

At birth, our client was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cognitive deficiency. In June 1999, the client was placed in the defendant's guest home, a level-three facility. Between Jan. 1 and June 5, 2004, our client suffered at least five falls resulting in serious personal injuries. Four of these falls took place while the client was in the restroom, unsupervised and unassisted. The defendant was aware of these falls and nonetheless failed to adequately supervise our client. After a fall on May 20, 2004, it was emphasized to the defendant's guest home that the client required "close supervision, especially if she goes to the bathroom." Six days later, on June 5, 2004, the staff was aware that our client needed to use the bathroom for personal hygiene. In spite of their recent instructions, the staff redirected the client and failed to provide supervision. As a result, the client fell in the bathroom and suffered a cord contusion, a serious spinal cord injury.

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