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What are some of the reasons that a truck accident occurs?

When a motor vehicle accident occurs and a large truck is involved (such as an 18-wheeler), you can usually expect to see a grisly scene with extreme devastation. The victims of the accident will likely suffer serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries as a result of the crash. But what are some common reasons that these accidents occur? Is the truck driver and/or the truck company always to blame?

First and foremost, let's deal with the second question -- and the answer is no. Obviously there are cases where a semi-truck is involved in a wreck but neither the truck driver nor the truck company is at fault. Maybe the driver of another vehicle caused the wreck or was irresponsible while handling his or her vehicle.

At the same time though, there are plenty of cases where a truck driver or truck company is at fault for a wreck. Here are a few of these common causes:

  • The driver wasn't properly trained, or lacked necessary training hours, to take the wheel of a vehicle.
  • The cargo wasn't properly loaded in the truck, making the vehicle unstable.
  • Entrenched systems at the truck company that incentivize drivers to speed and drive fast.
  • Work expectations that are simply unrealistic, forcing the truck driver to work awkward shifts or too many shifts. 
  • Recklessness by the driver, including distracted driving, fatigued driving and dangerous driving in general.

Any of these circumstances could lead to a truck driver or truck company being held liable for an accident involving one of their trucks.

Source: FindLaw, "Common Causes of Truck Accidents," Dec. 26, 2014

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