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After an accident, get yourself a lawyer

Imagine that you've never been in a car accident before. You're a very safe driver and, with a bit of luck, you have avoided accidents for your entire life (save the tiniest of fender-benders here and there). One day, though, your luck runs out. You're driving down the highway and another vehicle collides with you, triggering a massive accident that involves multiple vehicles and leaves you with serious injuries.

Now, in those hours and days after the accident, you are understandably disoriented. And even when you're feeling okay, the whole situation is so foreign and surreal that you aren't even considering what could happen legally as a result of the crash you just endured.

And yet there are so many things to consider. The injuries you endured almost certainly left you with some serious medical debt. The insurance companies involved in the wreck are likely spinning their wheels and trying to mitigate their liability. The individual responsible for the wreck may have done something criminal, or at the very least negligent, in the build-up to the crash.

All of these factors are very important in the aftermath of a crash, and the victims of a wreck need someone to help them with the legal side of a motor vehicle accident.

If you live in Stockton, California, consider us at Drivon Turner & Waters. We have extensive experience with car accident cases and we have the knowledge of personal injury law to support you and help you should you decide that civil action is something you want to pursue.

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