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Some key factors in a premises liability lawsuit

If you were to walk into a store and then suddenly slip on a wet surface and suffer major injuries, what would you do? Or what about if you enter an apartment building to see your friend, and as you walk down the hallway, you trip on a bit of loose carpet that has been there for years? These issues of personal safety on another person's premises are crucial to many personal injury lawsuits.

'Sideshow' leads to serious accident, driver flees scene

Most Stockton residents probably haven't heard of a "sideshow" before, but they would probably recognize it if they saw it in person. A "sideshow" is when someone is performing tricks or doing dangerous acts with their car in a public space. Obviously, these sideshows draw a lot of attention -- and even other vehicles -- which makes them extremely dangerous. The combination of spectators and intentionally dangerous driving acts makes them an accident waiting to happen.

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