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'Sideshow' leads to serious accident, driver flees scene

Most Stockton residents probably haven't heard of a "sideshow" before, but they would probably recognize it if they saw it in person. A "sideshow" is when someone is performing tricks or doing dangerous acts with their car in a public space. Obviously, these sideshows draw a lot of attention -- and even other vehicles -- which makes them extremely dangerous. The combination of spectators and intentionally dangerous driving acts makes them an accident waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, a recent sideshow resulted in a girl having both of her legs broken and her boyfriend fleeing the scene from police. The 20-year-old man who fled the scene is in a lot of trouble obviously, but the major concern here is the fact that these sideshows continue to happen despite the clear threats they pose to everyone near or around them.

Look, there is no arguing that these activities are dangerous, but it seems to be lost on some people that these can be criminal acts that also pose a civil threat. People who engage in sideshows and cause accidents like this could be held responsible in civil court by the victims of any accident they cause, or the victim's loved ones.

For those who are engaging in these sideshows, please stop and think about the dangers you are posing to the public with these acts. For those who are injured in car accidents, regardless of whether they involve sideshows or not, you need to consider your legal options to ensure that you are protected in the wake of an accident.

Source: Fox 40, "Police: Stockton 'Sideshow' Leads to Dangerous Accident," Nicole Comstock, Jan. 24, 2015

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