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Teens admit to weird driving habits in new study

In our last post, we talked about the many ways that someone can be "distracted" while driving. It isn't always as simple as a driver using their cellphone, even though that is essentially what the term "distracted driving" has come to mean in this era of constant connectivity.

For the most part, we talked about "conventional" -- if there is such a thing -- distracted driving behaviors. But a new study of teen drivers found some eyebrow-raising behavior that you probably wouldn't have even considered before. And they definitely qualify as distracted driving.

The study found that 27 percent of responding teens had changed their clothes and shoes while driving. There were other teens who decided that while behind the wheel of a car they should change their contacts or do some homework. Yes, these really were answers in the study, and the sheer quantity of teens who admitted to doing these things is truly surprising.

The study also found that 40 percent of responding teens admitted to texting while driving, which is still a large percentage of teens, but that rate is also decidedly lower than prior studies that looked at texting while driving and teens.

Distracted driving is dangerous in all of its forms. From the conventional to the weird, it doesn't matter if you are not focusing on the road in front of you. Any behavior that distracts you as a driver can lead to you being called negligent in causing an accident. That negligence could then be used to support the victim's personal injury claims.

Source: NPR, "Teens Say They Change Clothes And Do Homework While Driving," Maanvi Singh, March 18, 2015

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