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Fatal accident involved semi truck, smaller car

The source article for our blog post today discusses a truck accident that happened in Florida as opposed to California. However, despite this wreck not happening here in our home state, it still presents some important information about truck accidents and the dangers posed by the very large vehicles they involve.

The wreck involved a semi truck and a car with two people inside. It appears that the people in the car were traveling at a "slow rate of speed" and the semi truck driver attempted to avoid them. In doing so, though, the semi truck hit the rear of the car and caused a tragic wreck that eventually ended up with the truck crushing the smaller vehicle. Both people in the car were killed in the wreck.


The crash is under investigation, and the fire and damage associated with the wreck forced crews to repave the area where the accident occurred.

While we know nothing about why this accident actually happened, often everyone looks at the truck driver. Was the driver in this case distracted in any way? Was he using his cell phone? Was he just operating his vehicle in an unsafe and negligent manner? Was he tired or fatigued, which could lead one to conclude that he and his trucking company violated rest laws?

These factors are prevalent in many truck accident cases, and the victims (or their loved ones) need to know how they apply to their case, should they move forward with a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: Local10.com, "2 killed in crash on Sawgrass Expressway involving semi-truck," Amanda Batchelor, April 16, 2015

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