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Major pile-up crash injures 9 people, involves 22 vehicles

While the following story did not occur here in Stockton, California, the circumstances of the wreck could have happened anywhere, and thus, there is a lesson to be learned from it. The wreck we are talking about happened in St. Louis, Missouri, and it involved 22 vehicles. The massive pile-up is an example of a type of motor vehicle accident that isn't exactly uncommon. Pile-ups like this happen quite frequently on highways and freeways.

Very little is known about the wreck when it comes to details, but at least nine people were hospitalized for minor injuries. It appears that a prior accident caused the pile-up, as vehicles that were trying to avoid the original accident scene were unable to do so.

For those that were involved in the accident, now comes to tricky question: what happens from a legal standpoint? With so many vehicles involved, how does one determine liability?

Usually in major pile-up accidents, the liability is shared among the participants, even if some of the drivers could reasonably be considered the "victims" of the accident. That percentage of liability that they will attain won’t likely matter, as other driver take a greater share of the blame.

Ultimately, even in confusing pile-up accidents like this, it is still possible for those involved to attain some justice. It may be a bit trickier than a normal car accident, and the process may be a little more convoluted, but just because a bunch of vehicles were involved in your accident does not necessarily mean your case will suffer.

Source: KMOV, "22 cars involved in crash, pileup on Interstate 70," Adam McDonald, May 10, 2015

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