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Man causes several crashes on negligent drive through Stockton

When you're on the roads, you expect other drivers to be careful, because both of your lives are important. While not every person who causes an accident means to cause one, distractions, intoxication, and plain negligence can quickly result in one. When someone is negligent and gets on the road despite being drunk or intoxicated, your life is at risk. If you've been hurt because of them, then you deserve to be compensated.

The people in this story may feel similarly about their accidents, because the person who caused it wasn't being a safe driver. The multi-vehicle crash in Stockton left several people injured when the 42-year-old man drove his vehicle through an intersection at March Lane and Claremont and hit a vehicle. Instead of stopping to provide aid, he continued on and struck another vehicle at the intersection of March Lane and Kentfield.

Even then, the man didn't stop, putting even more people at risk of injury. He went east in the westbound lanes, according to police, and then he eventually caused a major accident at the intersection of March Lane and West Lane. That's when his vehicle was finally damaged enough to stop him and his negligent driving.

Following the three accidents, the driver was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and for felony hit-and-run. He also faces charges for driving under the influence and was charged with a felony for evading the police. The man is a known gang associate and on parole, and police reported that he had a history of using PCP and being violent.

Source: Fox 40, "Multi-Vehicle Crash Blocks Intersection in Stockton," Genny Mclaren, Anisca Miles, July 06, 2015

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