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Trucking regulations in the state of California

When a truck driver comes into California, there are rules he or she needs to follow. The regulations set by the state and federal governments are in place to prevent serious accidents due to dangerous drivers and unsafe cargo. Not following these regulations can put your life at risk during an accident with a driver, so you could point out the driver's negligence in a case seeking compensation.

Your attorney may want to look into things like the truck's height and weight to determine if the driver should have been on the roads. For instance, the law states that trucks can be no more than 14 feet high. This is the law because it means all trucks will be able to pass under bridges and through passageways on their restricted routes. It's for this reason that trucks are also limited to 8.5 feet in width.

Another rule is that the length of the truck can't be over 65-to-75 feet depending on the route. On top of that, the rear axle length can't exceed 40 feet. If the truck exceeds those limits, the driver could be putting others at risk due to overloading his or her vehicle and making it difficult to control.

Before a trucker hits the road in a semi, the driver needs to be sure that the route is approved for use. In California, around 20 routes have restrictions in place that must be met. If they aren't, the driver can face penalties and charges, and in the case of an accident, the driver can be held liable for breaking the law and injuring other parties.

Source: California Department of Transportation, "Route Restriction Procedures," accessed Sep. 28, 2015

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