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Who would be to blame in a self-driving car accident?

Self-driving cars may seem like something from the future, but Google has joined forces with manufacturers to create just that. In fact, they're being driven on the streets of California and in other areas right now. A person is still required to sit behind the wheel while the car is in motion, but this creates a number of additional concerns about who is responsible in the case of a crash.

Self-driving cars have been on the road since 2009, although crash information was not reported until late in 2014. Now, these vehicles are going through testing, and that testing includes making it mandatory that companies supply accident reports if one happens. The Department of Motor Vehicles has released information on these vehicles and their past collisions, so the public can now look at how these potential cars of the future are faring.

There are seven companies creating these vehicles. Forty-eight self-driving cars exist, though Google's are the most prominent. Between 2010 and 2014, Google reported that there have been eight accidents on top of the four that have previously reported in the news.

As a driver who is behind the wheel of your own car, self-driving cars may seem dangerous. That's what some regulatory agencies want to find out, too, before they can fully be allowed on the roads. If you're involved in a crash with a self-driving car or if you are in a self-driving car that crashes, you should consult with your attorney to find out who can and should be held responsible and what your legal options are,

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