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Accident victim killed in secondary accident on Interstate 10

Accidents can happen suddenly on the highway, and when they do, the police and other emergency team members will block it off from traffic. Sometimes, that means traffic is stopped, and other times, traffic must go around the scene. Those who fail to follow the new path could cause serious harm to those at the site of the accident, like in this case. If you've lost a loved one in a case like this, you could be in a position to seek compensation from a dangerous driver.

A woman has been killed in a tragic accident on Interstate 10, according to the news from Feb. 8. The woman had been trapped in an overturned vehicle when a big-rig truck collided with the vehicle and killed her.

The 56-year-old woman found herself trapped in the Volkswagen Jetta after the vehicle overturned. The vehicle had overturned on an off-ramp of the freeway following a collision with the concrete barriers. Fortunately, at the time, no one was seriously injured. Her passenger was able to get out of the vehicle, but the woman couldn't because of her leg being trapped.

As officers worked to free the woman, others shut down two lanes of traffic and marked the accident with orange cones. Despite this alert to other drivers, a truck entered the area at around 7 a.m., causing the officer furthest from the scene to yell to the others to get out of the way. The officers at the vehicle along with the passenger were able to move behind the barriers to safety, but the woman inside the car suffered severe injuries when the truck struck her vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The truck driver reported that he didn't see the first crash site, so he continued to drive. It's estimated that he was moving at around 50 mph. The officers reported that the scene had been closed off to drivers for about 20 minutes before the collision, and traffic had no issues going around the crash site.

Source: Desert Sun, "Maria Vera dies in I-10 crash, fundraiser set up," Colin Atagi, Feb. 08, 2016

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