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Your rights after a slip-and-fall accident explained

When you suffer from a slip-and-fall accident, it's important that you understand your rights as the victim. You may be able to file a claim against the property owner, for instance, if the property was damaged or if it was left in a state that resulted in your injury. You can talk to your attorney if you aren't sure if your case will qualify, but if you know the hazard has been there for some time or was not properly marked, you likely have a case.

There are many kinds of conditions that can be considered dangerous. For instance, tripping on torn carpet when you're in a store could be considered dangerous. Poor lighting, a wet floor, or stairs without railings can also be considered dangerous in some cases.

Proving your case can take some time and determination, but your attorney can help. You'll need to look at the situation and determine if the property owner acted in a way that wasn't safe and that could be seen as negligent. For instance, if the floor was wet and no wet floor sign was present, you could argue that the hazard was there, and that you fell because of a lack of warning.

You'll want to show to the court that the owner or property possessor created the conditions that led to your injury. You'll need to prove that the condition was known about and was not corrected. Finally, you need to show that the condition was there long enough that it should have been able to have been corrected.

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