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Owners are responsible for protecting you on their premises'

If you're visiting a friend or family member's house, remember that they have a responsibility to make sure you're not exposed to hazards. They are liable for injuries you suffer because of negligence or attacks by their pets.

When you visit a home or business, the owner of any pet on the premises is liable for that animal. If you're attacked, then you can usually file a claim against the owner, unless you provoked the attack intentionally. Animal bites can cause serious injuries and infections; you can even die if the animal was suffering from diseases.

If you're attacked, the first step is to determine who is responsible for the pet. You need to seek immediate medical care and speak with the owner about the pet's health and vaccines. With pets, owners have strict liability. That means that the owner is liable for the animal no matter what the situation is if the owner knows the animal has the potential to cause harm to another person. If an owner knows the animal is dangerous, then regardless of what happens, he or she can be held liable for the injuries you suffer.

There are a few things to remember; if you are hurting the pet or it is defending itself, you may not be able to hold the owner liable, particularly if that can be proven. It's important that you speak with your attorney about your injuries and what you can do to hold the owner liable. Our website has more information on premises liability and what it takes to file a successful lawsuit.

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