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Plane vs. car accident results in 1 death, several injuries

If you've lost a loved one in a strange accident, then you know the person who was negligent has to be held accountable. You're usually entitled to compensation for your loss as well as to cover the funeral expenses and medical care your loved one received.

Accidents can happen in unusual ways, and that's been proven by this accident that took place in California. In this case, a plane impacted a car so severely that everyone involved suffered at least some kind of injury. According to the news, a pilot was flying his Lancair IV when it started to struggle with mechanical problems. He decided to land the plane on the highway, which is a route that has been used for emergency landings in the past.

The story reported that the plane skidded when it landed. It skidded for around 250 feet before it collided with a parked vehicle. The vehicle was badly impacted; the trunk and rear bumper were crushed into the vehicle far enough that they were nearly in the rear passenger seating area.

Unfortunately, the car had been pulled over by the driver to sync his music while the group traveled on the freeway, which is what the law requires. Normally, drivers must use hands-free devices in California. When the impact occurred moments later, one of the passengers in the vehicle, a 38-year-old woman, took the bulk of the impact and was fatally wounded. Three other people in the vehicle also suffered injuries in the crash. The pilot and his passenger reportedly suffered injuries as well.

Source: RT Question More, "California highway plane crash kills roller derby 'starlette' (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)," April 03, 2016

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