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What should I know before I see my attorney after a truck crash?

Before you meet with a truck accident attorney, there are a few things you should get together. Having this information ahead of time can help your attorney with your case.

What kind of details should you know?

First, remember to get details not only about the driver but also the company for which he drives. You should find out the license plate number, truck driver's name, the name of the trucking company, identifying details about the truck, and the driver's commercial driver's license number. Much of that can be obtained at the scene or from the police report.

What do I need to know about the accident?

Next, collect information on how the accident happened. Did a police report get filed, and if so, were any traffic violations given out? If so, it may be easier to prove who was at fault and get a settlement that is fair to you. If there were photos taken or videos of the accident, make sure to take these to your consultation, as they are ideal evidence during negotiations.

Should I reach out to witnesses?

Yes. If witnesses were present, it's important to collect their information, so you can later contact them. Their testimony may be important in court or during negotiations with an insurance carrier. If other cars or vehicles were involved in your accident, having information on those vehicles is important, too, since multiple people may be held at fault.

Does the weather play any role in my case?

Remember to write down the weather conditions and what the roadway was like; were there any hazards that you could identify? If there were problems on the roads, there could be others at fault for the collision.

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