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Teen dies after consuming laced drugs at music festival

Losing a child is difficult and can throw an entire family into disarray. What happens when the death could have been prevented? Can a facility where drugs were present be held accountable for the loss of a life?

Those are some of the questions being asked by this family after losing their daughter to an overdose at a music festival. The couple reported that their 19-year-old daughter overdosed during a rave at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds. She wasn't alone; several others also suffered from drug overdoses and adverse reactions.

According to the girl's parents, the defendants should have known that ecstasy would be at the rave, since it's a common drug at many. Since the defendants decided not to search for the drug and did not have high levels of security, the parents believe that it is the defendants' responsibility to be held liable.

The couple claims that there were not enough medical stations to provide for the 65,000 people at the festival. In total, there were only four. Those working there were not properly trained, the teen's parents believe, because if their daughter had received timely and proper care, she would likely not have died from the overdose. When she was taken to the medical tent, she was unresponsive but alive.

She wasn't the only attendee to pass away. Another teen, an 18-year-old female, overdosed on ecstasy and died shortly before the 19-year-old girl ingested what she thought was pure ecstasy. In reality, it was bath salts that resulted in her overdose.

Cases like this can be difficult for parents to file, but it's important for facilities to know that it's possible to be held liable for these kinds of incidents if proper procedures aren't taken to prevent drug use or other hazards.

Source: ABC 4 Los Angeles, "Family Sues Music Festival After Daughter's OD," July 27, 2016

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