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Yes, airports should have liability coverage for travelers

Should airports have to have premises liability coverage? Absolutely. When traveling through an airport, there are many situations that could result in an injury.

What kinds of injuries could take place? A stack of baggage could fall over and hit you, a worker moving bags could roll over your foot with a heavy bag, a security animal could attack, a worker could do something that results in you being injured or you could slip and fall on a freshly mopped surface. If any of these things happen to you, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

No matter what happens in an airport, it's important that the airport has premises liability coverage. While an airport does have security, liability coverage protects them from lawsuits from people who are injured. For example, if a person is running to catch a plane and slips on a floor that has just been mopped, that person could file a claim against the airport for not properly marking the area. In another case, if a rug is pushed up and a patron trips, that person could ask the airport to cover his or her expenses.

It should be expected that airports would know if the floor was going to be wet, and workers should know to put out a wet-floor sign. Employees would likely know that a rug had been pulled up. Many people come and go at all times, so it would be unusual if someone didn't notice damage to a piece of flooring or a wet area without a sign. With this in mind, if you are hurt, speaking to a personal injury attorney may be of assistance.

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