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December 2016 Archives

After a truck accident, what questions may a lawyer have?

Truck accidents tend to be much more deadly and injurious than accidents involving passenger cars only. This is of course due to the much greater mass of trucks in comparison to passenger cars. A truck accident can be horrible thing, and many victims or their families in Stockton may choose to explore their legal options by paying a visit to the offices of a personal injury lawyer.

3 facts about holiday drunk driving accidents

With the holiday season upon us, partygoers are likely to consume alcoholic beverages when they attend Christmas parties and New Year's Eve festivities. Those revelers pose a risk to others on the roadways when they choose to drink and drive. The accidents these drunk drivers cause can result in catastrophic injuries.

How are tires labeled to avoid serious harm to consumers?

As we enter the winter months in San Joaquin County, the presence of precipitation and fog can make having good vehicle tires important. Consumers depend on tire manufacturers to provide accurate information on the traction and other safety features provided by their tires. This blog post will provide some information on how the federal government regulates this area.

Bathroom line fight at 49ers game brings negligent security claim

Is it foreseeable that men waiting in a long line for the bathroom at a football game might get surly and frustrated? Sure. Is it foreseeable that a fight might break out, and someone could be injured?

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