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After a truck accident, what questions may a lawyer have?

Truck accidents tend to be much more deadly and injurious than accidents involving passenger cars only. This is of course due to the much greater mass of trucks in comparison to passenger cars. A truck accident can be horrible thing, and many victims or their families in Stockton may choose to explore their legal options by paying a visit to the offices of a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer can review the specific facts of a particular victim's situation and provide guidance. Many lawyers are grateful if potential clients come to the initial meeting with some helpful information that makes the jobs of the lawyer and the lawyer's staff easier. If possible, clients should provide the names of the truck driver and the trucking company. The license number of the truck and the trailer and the driver's commercial driver's license number should also be provided if available. This information will usually be on the police accident report, if one was prepared.

Lawyers will need to know how the accident happened. They will also appreciate knowing whether a police report was filed; whether any images or videos were made of the accident as it happened or immediately afterward; whether the truck driver was cited for speeding or any other moving or equipment violation; whether there were eyewitnesses and if so, their names and contact information.

Lawyers will also inquire about the injuries suffered by the victim in the accident. How have the victim's everyday activities been impacted by the accident? What was the victim's diagnosis after the truck accident? Did the victim suffer any similar injuries before the accident?

There are other questions that may be asked as well. Victims and their families shouldn't worry too much about having all this information before setting up the meeting because the lawyer's staff will usually tell victims exactly what information should be brought to the meeting.

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