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How are tires labeled to avoid serious harm to consumers?

As we enter the winter months in San Joaquin County, the presence of precipitation and fog can make having good vehicle tires important. Consumers depend on tire manufacturers to provide accurate information on the traction and other safety features provided by their tires. This blog post will provide some information on how the federal government regulates this area.

Under federal regulations, tire manufacturers are required to provide information to tire consumers regarding the relative performance of passenger car tires in the areas of temperature resistance, treadwear and traction. Manufacturers are required to provide accurate information in an easily understood format. The information must be imprinted on the sidewalls of the tires themselves.

Each tire's temperature resistance is to be graded on a letter scale of A, B or C. Traction is to be graded on a letter scale of AA, A, B or C. Treadwear is to be graded by a two- or three-digit number that represents the tire's treadwear grade. These grades allow consumers to determine which tires should meet their requirements. Assuming that consumers are not being provided with inaccurate information or faulty tires, they can buy a tire suitable for their use without spending money on features they don't need.

If a tire manufacturer overstates the treadwear, traction or temperature resistance of their tires, they could get into trouble with the federal government. They could also be liable to consumers who relied on the tire ratings and suffered injury or serious harm when the tire did not perform as well as it was supposed to.

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