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Two women injured in California commercial vehicle accident

The legal process provides protections to victims of large truck and commercial vehicle accidents. A driver and her passenger recently survived a truck accident in the southern California area. The passenger vehicle they were travelling in was side swiped by a large commercial truck as the truck's left front tire began to rapidly deflate while both vehicles were traveling on the freeway. The passenger vehicle was passing the commercial truck on the left when it swerved into the passenger vehicle, hit the concrete barrier and sent debris into the roadway.

The 51-year old driver of the passenger vehicle escaped but her 65-year old passenger was trapped and had to be freed by rescue crews. Both women were taken by ambulance to a local hospital and are expected to recover from their injuries. Being involved in a truck accident with a commercial vehicle such as a large truck or otherwise can be a harrowing ordeal. Victims can suffer serious injuries and harm as a result of a truck accident and, at times, motor vehicle accident injuries may worsen over time, requiring additional medical care and treatment.

Because of the serious nature of commercial vehicle and large truck accidents to passenger vehicles they share the roadways with, legal protections are available when victims have been harmed by a negligent truck driver or negligent trucking company. Truck drivers and truck companies may be negligent in a variety ways, including in circumstances of negligent truck maintenance. The liability of a truck driver and trucking company depends on the nature of the negligence involved and the relationship between the parties.

While liability for a truck accident can sometimes be complex, a negligent truck driver or trucking company can be responsible for the physical, financial and emotional damages victims suffer. It is important for truck accident victims to be familiar with their legal rights and the remedies available to help them recover compensation for their damages when harmed.

Source: Fox5sandiego.com, "'Crews rescue passenger pinned under big rig in I-805 crash," Feb. 4, 2017

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