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Dog bite litigation often falls under premises liability law

Pets often make the lives of Stockton residents better. Many animals offer their owners unconditional love in exchange for little more than a place to sleep and food to eat. However, not all individuals who choose to keep pets on their property properly train and care for the animals they bring into their homes. When animals lash out and attack humans and other creatures their owners can be liable for the injuries they cause.

5 ways catastrophic burn injuries change a man's life

You've always been the breadwinner at home, and you have made sure to keep up your level of fitness. You work hard and play hard. One thing you never saw coming was an accident that would lead to catastrophic burns. Burn injuries are severe in some cases, leading to life-altering consequences.

Proving liability in medical malpractice cases

Doctors spend years of their lives learning to provide medical care to individuals who suffer from health-related ailments. The rigorous course of study they complete and the assessments they must pass are designed to prepare California doctors to meet the needs of diverse patients and medical cases.

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