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Dog bite litigation often falls under premises liability law

Pets often make the lives of Stockton residents better. Many animals offer their owners unconditional love in exchange for little more than a place to sleep and food to eat. However, not all individuals who choose to keep pets on their property properly train and care for the animals they bring into their homes. When animals lash out and attack humans and other creatures their owners can be liable for the injuries they cause.

Just as other types of property may cause victims to suffer harm, so too can pets. Particularly, it is not uncommon for dogs to attack or bite if they feel threatened or are not trained to yield. A dog bite can be a very serious matter than may result in injuries or even death if the wounds caused by the animal are severe.

Dog bites fall under the area of premises liability law and lawsuits based on liability and injuries arising from these tragic occurrences can often be brought against private property owners who negligently keep dangerous animals. Though not all personal injury attorneys represent victims who have been harmed by dangerous animals, the law firm of Drivon, Turner & Waters includes dog bite and animal attack litigation in its premises liability practice.

The attorneys of the firm are committed to providing their clients with the legal representation they require to pursue favorable outcomes. Though no result can ever be guaranteed when litigation is initiated against a negligent party, many individuals who choose to sue the owners of the animals who cause them injuries and harm find support through their affiliation with personal injury attorneys like those of Drivon, Turner & Waters.

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