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What do you do if vehicle defects cause you harm?

There is no doubt that the vehicles consumers drive have gotten safer over time. Regulations have mandated that automobile manufacturers improve safety features like airbags and seatbelts while also improving the crashworthiness of the vehicles they put out on the roads. Many Stockton residents do an enormous amount of research on how safe their prospective vehicles are before committing to making those cars, trucks, and SUVs their own.

However, despite the efforts of both consumers and manufacturers to select the safest components for their vehicles, incidents do occur where the parts of cars fail to protect their riders from harm. Any part of a vehicle can fail and result in injuries or death to those inside of it, including but not limited to bad brakes, faulty airbags, overheating engines, and others.

When a component of a car fails the manufacturer of that vehicle may be strictly liable for the resulting harm. When proving a strict liability case an injured party does not have to show that the responsible party was negligent; rather, strict liability applies when a car part is unreasonably dangerous, it causes injuries to a victim, and the car in question was not significantly modified by its owner or the victim.

Manufacturers and regulators often try to remedy vehicle defects through recalls. A recall gives a vehicle owner notice of a potential danger present in their automobile. It is then the responsibility of the vehicle owner to take their automobile to a repair shop to have the problem remedied, usually at the expense of the vehicle's manufacturer. In some cases a vehicle owner's failure to take heed of a recall may result in a victim losing their rights to sue if the applicable harm resulted from a defect related to the recall.

A defective vehicle can cause a victim serious injuries or death. For those who wish to seek compensation from the parties who are liable for their losses, personal injury attorneys are available to answer questions and provide guidance on how to approach this complex area of civil law.

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