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How can medical professionals prevent post-surgical infections?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately one to three people out of every 100 who have surgery develop infections at the site where the surgical procedures took place. A Stockton resident may fear that they have a post-surgical infection if the site of their surgery is red and inflamed, producing discharge or if they have a fever. Post-surgical infections can introduce serious complications into the recovery period of a patient, but in some cases they may be preventable.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff should take preventative steps to reduce the risks of infection for their surgical patients. Comprehensive hand and arm cleaning by individuals in the operating room with antiseptic soap should be undertaken prior to surgery, and operating room participants should wear gear that covers their mouths, hair, and other germ-carrying parts of their body.

In some situations medical providers may choose to remove any hair that grows over a patient's body in the location where the surgery will occur to reduce the risk of infection. They also should give a patient antibiotics prior to surgery to prevent infection and should cleanse the patient's skin with antiseptic soap to prevent skin-based germs from entering the body.

These are only some of the simple steps medical professionals can take to reduce the risk of infection in post-surgical patients. While it is important for readers to understand that not every case of post-surgical infection will be based on incidents of medical malpractice, there may be some cases in which health care provider deficiencies lead to infections and harm. For individuals who believe that their post-surgical infections and related complications were the result of negligence, help is available. Medical malpractice attorneys can provide both legal counsel and advice on how to protect victims' rights and seek compensation for their losses.

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