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Why texting and driving is a serious threat to those on the road

Texting while you're behind the wheel is illegal and dangerous. Every time you look away from the roads, you're leaving yourself open to getting into an accident. When you look away, you may not see a vehicle stop ahead of you, cross the center lane or lose control of your vehicle after striking an object in the road.

Distractions are always a problem, but one of the most dangerous is texting. With the introduction of digital devices, texting and driving has become prominent. While it's illegal, some people do continue to text and drive, which puts others at risk of injuries.

Texting and driving takes your eyes off the road for around five seconds each time you send or receive a text. That's long enough to travel the entire length of a football field if you're moving at 55 mph. Crashes can happen in as little as two seconds, which means that you may not see it coming.

If you've never heard of the term "inattention blindness," it may be time to look more into how you focus on the road while you use other devices. Inattention blindness is when you're looking at the road but are not processing what you see. For example, if you're focusing on talking to someone on the phone, you may not be as aware of what is happening in front of you. You could miss the simple cues that would prevent an accident, which could mean suffering an injury.

Distractions from texting are avoidable. Use your phone to text only when you're not driving. Turn off your ringer and vibration functions of the phone to prevent the urge to check your phone. These are just a few tips to help.

If you are hit because another driver gets behind the wheel and texts, you have a right to pursue compensation. Your attorney can help you file a claim.

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