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How dangerous is texting and driving?

In the last two decades the world of communication has drastically changed. Instead of having to stay home to wait for a phone call from a friend or post a letter through the mail, Stockton residents can receive calls, check their email, send text messages, and surf the internet all from devices that fit in the palms of their hands. Cell phones have made the world move faster since they all people to work and socialize while on the move; problems arise, however, when cell phones become distractions when individuals are driving their cars.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, eight Americans die every day in accidents that involve distracted drivers. While distracted driving can include behaviors not directly linked to cell phones, the FCC noted that cellular devices have contributed to an increase in distracted drivers across the country. Additionally, more than 1,100 people are hurt each day in distracted driving crashes.

While anyone can be affected by a driver distracted by their cell phone it seems as though young drivers are the most likely to be involved in distracted driving accidents. The National Occupant Protection Use Survey in 2015 noted that drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 were the most likely to use a handheld device like a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.

Texting and driving is dangerous because it takes a driver's eyes off of the road. In a split second a distracted driver can cause a devastating accident that can claim lives and cause victims to suffer irreplaceable losses. Distracted driving accidents are common, and victims must understand that they have rights. Personal injury attorneys may be able to advise them of their legal options for seeking compensation for their accident-related losses.

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