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August 2017 Archives

Surgical errors are a threat to patients' health and safety

The rare individual looks forward to checking into the hospital to have a surgical procedure, but every day many Californians muster up their courage and arrive at medical centers to have surgeries to improve their health. Surgeries, by their nature, are invasive and even when minor can cause patients to experience long recoveries and significant periods of healing. Unfortunately, not every surgery goes as it should, and some patients suffer more after them than they did before going under the knife.

Defective consumer products can cause serious bodily harm

As of July, 19 different automobile manufacturers have had to recall vehicles because they included in them airbags made by product maker Takata. The airbags in the recalled vehicles have been known to explode with significant force and send metal shards into the vehicles' passenger compartments, leading to serious injuries and even victims' deaths.

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