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Defective consumer products can cause serious bodily harm

As of July, 19 different automobile manufacturers have had to recall vehicles because they included in them airbags made by product maker Takata. The airbags in the recalled vehicles have been known to explode with significant force and send metal shards into the vehicles' passenger compartments, leading to serious injuries and even victims' deaths.

The defects contained in the Takata airbags have affected California consumers as well as consumers throughout the country. They have placed millions of people at risk when those unsuspecting individuals got into their impacted vehicles due to the latent defects in the airbags that they did not know existed until the recall process began. The product recall process is helping raise awareness about this serious defective consumer product but it is still possible that more people may become victims before the airbag fixes are finished.

The Takata airbag recall is one of the most notorious stories about defective consumer products to hit the news in recent years due to the overwhelming scope of automobiles impacted. However, every year many other products are released to the public that contain design and manufacturing problems that put people at risk for injuries and death. When consumer products hurt the people who buy and use them it is often possible for those victims to seek compensation from the producers of those products under product liability theories of law.

The law firm of Drivon, Turner & Waters includes in its personal injury practice the representation of individuals harmed in consumer product incidents. Product liability cases can be complex and the attorneys of the firm work to provide each of their product liability clients with the representation they need to find support and relief from the many losses they have had to incur.

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