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Surgical errors are a threat to patients' health and safety

The rare individual looks forward to checking into the hospital to have a surgical procedure, but every day many Californians muster up their courage and arrive at medical centers to have surgeries to improve their health. Surgeries, by their nature, are invasive and even when minor can cause patients to experience long recoveries and significant periods of healing. Unfortunately, not every surgery goes as it should, and some patients suffer more after them than they did before going under the knife.

While some surgical issues may arise due to complications in the patients' conditions, others occur when doctors breach their duties to their patients and make surgical errors. Surgical errors are unfortunately common and can leave patients with suffering, pain and even death, if they are not remedied.

There is a host of different ways that doctors may commit surgical errors, but this post will mention just three. Readers who believe that they may be the victims of medical malpractice, doctors' mistakes or surgical errors are encouraged to speak with personal injury attorneys about their possible claims.

Surgical mistakes can occur when doctors leave foreign objects inside of their patients. They may use gauze and other tools to keep the surgical sites clear; when they fail to take those items out of their patients and stitch them back up with those items still inside patients can suffer dire consequences.

Mistakes also happen when doctors perform the wrong surgeries on their patients. They may confuse patients and do a procedure on one person who needed a completely different type of treatment. Surgeons also have been known to perform operations on the correct patients but on the wrong parts or sides of their bodies.

Surgical errors of this nature are completely preventable. Doctors owe their patients a duty of care that is breached when egregious mistakes occur. Claims based on medical malpractice can often provide victims of surgical errors with the compensation they need to get their lives back on track.

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