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Types of birth injuries

There are multiple types of birth injuries for which a party may be entitled to compensation. Here, we discuss some of the more common birth injuries and their effects on an infant.

Brain related injuries can happen from oxygen deprivation. The most well-known of these types of injuries is Cerebral Palsy, which can present after infection, stroke, or oxygen deprivation. However, a physician may prevent this by corrective preventative measures. Some of these include performing a C-section when necessary, or correctly monitoring a fetus. Brain related injuries can also be caused by failure to use birthing tools, such as forceps, correctly.

Muscle related and physical injuries in a newborn infant are generally caused by blatant medical malpractice by a physician. In these instances, a party would almost certainly be entitled to damages. These types of injuries include brachial plexus, Erb's palsy, Klumpke's palsy, and shoulder dystocia. They are almost always caused during the birth process, but can also be caused by the mishandling of the infant.

Other birth injuries to mention include those related to infections an infant obtained from the mother. These infections can be prevented by proper testing and monitoring by a physician for the duration of a pregnancy. If not properly monitored, a mother may unknowingly carry strep or meningitis, for example, which would be passed onto the unborn child causing a multitude of problems.

While not a complete list, the injuries mentioned here offer an example of situations in which a birth injury claim may occur. These types of claims fall under the category of medical malpractice, and are best addressed with the help of an experienced attorney.

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