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Drunk drivers scourge of California roads

Every time there is a holiday, like St. Patrick's Day, that people celebrate by overindulging in alcohol or other substances which impair the ability to drive, San Joaquin County and the Bay Area see a spike in drugged and/or drunk driving crashes. Often, these car accidents are more catastrophic than your typical fender bender because the impairment reduces reaction times and leads to extremely poor decision making on the road.

Know what signs point to a driver being too impaired to drive

The horrors that drunk drivers cause for some families is appalling and heartbreaking. Impaired drivers can cause accidents that kill innocent people or injure them to the point where their life won't ever be the same again. This is difficult for people to think about, but it is reality.

Big rig accidents can be bad news for California motorists

"Big rig" trucks are on the highways of Northern California and San Joaquin County around the clock. They haul the products that California is known world-wide for producing, whether they be bottles from wine country or produce from the Central Valley, as well as products from other states and around the globe. As much good as the trucking industry does for the economy, these gargantuan vehicles also pose a risk to other motorists on the state's roads.

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