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Drunk drivers scourge of California roads

Every time there is a holiday, like St. Patrick's Day, that people celebrate by overindulging in alcohol or other substances which impair the ability to drive, San Joaquin County and the Bay Area see a spike in drugged and/or drunk driving crashes. Often, these car accidents are more catastrophic than your typical fender bender because the impairment reduces reaction times and leads to extremely poor decision making on the road.

A tragic example of the toll drunk drivers take on the state's roads, streets and highways has resulted in murder charges against a man. The suspected drunk driver killed a woman and a five-year-old boy when his car slammed into their vehicle, which was stopped in the center median, with the hazard likes blinking, due to a flat tire. A three-year-old in the stopped car was injured. The 25-year-old man whose vehicle struck the stopped car was unhurt.

Because the driver did not choose to ask a sober person to drive or call a taxi, or other driving service, the family and friends of the victims suffered a devastating tragedy. The choice to drive while drunk or impaired, simply put, is dangerous. It not only puts the life of the driver in jeopardy, it threatens the lives of other motorists on the roads of California.

The sad truth is that once a drunk driver has caused an accident, the only recourse left to victims is to seek recovery through the law. A lawsuit won't bring back your loved ones, heal your injuries or make things the way they were, but it can help to repair some of the damage and move you toward closure. If you were the victim of a drunk driving car accident, visit our firm's website to see how we can help you.

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