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Know what signs point to a driver being too impaired to drive

The horrors that drunk drivers cause for some families is appalling and heartbreaking. Impaired drivers can cause accidents that kill innocent people or injure them to the point where their life won't ever be the same again. This is difficult for people to think about, but it is reality.

When you are on the roadways in California and beyond, you can look out for signs of impaired driving. This is no guarantee that you will remain safe, but it does increase the likelihood that you will get home safely.

Drunk driving is more common than some people realize

You might not think that drunk driving is very common, but it is. Many drunk drivers take the road numerous times before they are ever caught. When it comes to fatalities, one person dies an average of every 51 minutes in the United States. This comes to 28 deaths every day due to impaired drivers.

Each one of the injuries and deaths could have been prevented. These people didn't have to suffer. The only reason they are is because someone couldn't be responsible and avoid driving after drinking.

Impaired drivers usually have specific behaviors

Impaired drivers usually drive in ways that are easily noticed. They might speed or drive much slower than the speed limit. They may slam on their brakes suddenly and without provocation or weave in and out of lanes. Hitting objects on the side of the road and failing to obey traffic signals can also occur. In some cases, they are very aggressive when they drive. Some of them might forget to put on their headlights when it is dark outside.

Taking action if you spot an intoxicated driver

You shouldn't ever try to stop an intoxicated driver or keep up with him or her. Instead, try to keep your distance. Contact 911 when it is safe to do so. When you call, make it clear that you are reporting a possible drunk driver and give as much information as you can.

The erratic manner of a drunk driver might mean that you are involved in an accident with one. Don't try to engage the driver. Instead, contact police and let them handle things. You might need to get medical care so be sure to evaluate your condition and make a decision.

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