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Survived a hit-and-run? Here are 3 steps to take next

As someone who has been a victim of another person's reckless driving and negligence, you deserve every chance for justice. Being a victim of a hit and run is hard enough with the injuries and pain you suffer, but when you realize that the person who struck you fled the scene, it just makes things worse.

How could someone be so callous? It comes down to fear for some, while others may be so intoxicated that they don't even realize they hit another person. Here are a few tips to follow after you're in a hit-and-run crash, so there's the best chance at recovery and finding the driver.

1. Call for help right away

Even if you don't think you're hurt when you're first involved in the crash, call for help right away. Call 911 and alert them to the hit-and-run driver. Try to remember the license plate number, style of vehicle or, at least, color. If you know the way he or she was headed, it will help the police find the driver.

2. Keep evidence

If you have evidence like dash-cam footage, keep it for police. Take photos of the injuries you've suffered and the scene of the crash. Get witness information and ask them what they saw. Together, you may have enough information to provide police what they need to find the driver. Keep the police report, too, so you can provide this to your attorney.

3. Look into your options through insurance

Finally, don't think you're completely out of luck financially if the driver is missing. The truth is that medical insurance, car insurance and other insurance coverage you have may cover your losses as well as the medical care you need. Sometimes, hit-and-run crashes aren't covered by insurance policies, but it's always worth calling the insurance company to find out.

Following a hit-and-run crash, the police will do everything they can to identify the driver of the vehicle that fled. In many cases, the driver is found shortly after the crash while fleeing, especially if victims or witnesses have information. With help from others as well as the help of officers, it's normally possible to find the driver and hold him or her accountable for the hit-and-run crash. Keep all evidence you have, so you have the proof you need to make a claim against the driver if you have to go to court.

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