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Common forms of truck driver negligence

California motorists often share the roadways with commercial trucks that are responsible for transporting goods cross-country. Commercial trucks are inherently dangerous, as they weigh significantly more than passenger vehicles and are much harder for drivers to operate. Despite these inherent risks, many truck drivers decide to take even greater risks by acting negligently behind the wheel. Truck driver negligence can significantly increase the likelihood of a serious accident.

One of the most common forms of truck driver negligence is driver fatigue. We all know that truck drivers often spend long stretches of time driving to make their delivery deadlines. However, federal trucking regulations have strict rules restricting the number of consecutive hours a driver can be behind the wheel.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers carrying property have an 11-hour driving limit, meaning they may drive a maximum of 11 hours after going off-duty for 10 consecutive hours. Drivers are also not permitted to drive more than 14 consecutive hours after coming on duty. Drivers who violate these regulations may engage in drowsy driving or inattentive driving, both forms of negligent driving.

Another common form of truck driver negligence is lack of training. Many negligent drivers take the wheel without knowing how to properly drive, load or maintain the truck. Untrained drivers are more likely to overload or improperly load their trucks, causing them to lose control of the vehicle. Trucks also require more time and space to make proper turns and to stop for stoplights than passenger vehicles. Untrained drivers may fail to account for these differences and cause an accident.

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