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Talking to your children about safe driving

As a parent of teenage children, it is likely that you have fears or concerns about your children's safety on the road. It is a well-known fact that teens have the highest collision risk of all age groups, and car crashes have been reported to be the leading cause of death among teens by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is important that you consider how you will discuss safety and responsibility with your children when they gain their driver's license or when they start to learn to drive. By preparing for the conversation, you are able to equip yourself with useful facts and reflect on what arguments are most likely to positively influence your child.

Be the passenger often

When your child is learning to drive or has recently passed, it's always a good idea to spend a lot of time as a passenger or teacher in their car. Even if your child is being taught to drive by a professional instructor, you, as their parent, may be able to pick up on some bad habits that they are falling back on in a more relaxed environment, and you will be able to experience your child's behavior first-hand.

Be a friend as well as a teacher

Often, making a child afraid to confide in their parent will mean that they do things behind their parents' back. By opening up the conversation and not judging too quickly, you will be more likely to get insights into your teen's thought processes and opinions when it comes to texting and driving, speeding and drunk driving.

Ofter solutions to potential problems

By having a more open conversation with your child, you may be able to address certain trigger points for unsafe driving, such as transportation home after house parties. If your child is able to admit that they are likely to drink at a party, you may be able to discuss transportation options instead of risking drunk driving.

If your child has been involved in a car accident in the state of California, it is important that you understand how the law works and that you encourage them to educate themselves.

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