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Many fatal accidents are caused by driver fatigue

Many Californians are busy juggling family, friends, work, school and various other things. As a result, we do not get the amount of sleep we need, but still get behind the wheel of a car to drive to our next meeting or activity. The American Sleep Foundation found that close to 50 percent of drivers in the U.S. admitted to driving while feeling drowsy.

Study: Aggressive driving increases during the holiday season

Most of us have been on the road with an aggressive driver. The aggressive driver may appear impatient and angry, honk his or her horn unnecessarily, drive above the speed limit, and unsafely weave in and out of traffic. A recent study found that motorists tend to be 175 percent more aggressive during the holidays than they are the rest of the year. Many car accidents in California are caused by aggressive driving.

Traumatic injuries do affect the entire family unit

A traffic collision is bad enough when it doesn't cause injuries, but when it leads to catastrophic injuries, the impact is devastating. As a parent of a young person who has been badly hurt, you know that the way your child recovers, the help they receive and the assistance they receive in the future defines their life.

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