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Traumatic injuries do affect the entire family unit

A traffic collision is bad enough when it doesn't cause injuries, but when it leads to catastrophic injuries, the impact is devastating. As a parent of a young person who has been badly hurt, you know that the way your child recovers, the help they receive and the assistance they receive in the future defines their life.

What many people don't consider is the overall impact of catastrophic injuries on a family. When a child is unable to care for themselves any longer, a catastrophic injury becomes overwhelming. Everyone has to take time to pitch in and assist with care, and that is exhausting for some.

Catastrophic injuries are shared injuries

Regardless of who has been hurt, the reality is that everyone suffers in a family where a person is hurt with a catastrophic injury. The injury happens and impacts everyone. Parents who used to work full-time jobs may find that one parent needs to stay home with the injured child. This then impacts the overall income of the family and threatens its well-being.

Siblings might be anxious, depressed or even overbearing as a result of seeing their loved one in pain. Some lash out as there is less time for them and less energy being spent on their needs.

Catastrophic injuries are also traumatic for those involved. The child who was hurt may have post-traumatic stress disorder or other signs of psychological trauma. On the other hand, parents and relatives who see the child hooked up to medical devices or wait through a life-saving surgery have their own traumas to deal with. The stress involved in these situations is beyond what many people can imagine.

What should you do if your child suffers a catastrophic injury?

It's vital to get the right compensation, to start with. You'll want to seek a fair amount through a settlement or trial, so finances are less of a concern. You'll have to keep track of how much you spend on travel, medical devices, in-home care and other necessities.

You should also consider counseling for the family as a whole. It's important that everyone has their needs met, including the person who is struggling with a catastrophic injury. No one should feel that they're handling too much, since that can lead to psychological concerns and physical exhaustion. The right care, assistance and financial support will make a significant difference in a catastrophic injury case.

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