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How can I prove fault in a car crash?

Those who have been injured in a car accident caused by someone else's actions may commonly say the collision was the other driver's fault. Many California residents may not realize that fault has a legal meaning as well and must be proven to hold the driver in question liable for their behavior. Individuals wishing to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against negligent drivers will need to prove fault.

Accident victims may think proving fault is a straight-forward matter, but this is not always the case. Having strong evidence on one's side can bolster one's case and one of the best forms of proof is a police officer's report. When police officer's come to the scene of the accident, they have to make some type of a report about it. These reports contain the observations of the police officer, such as whether they observed speed marks that could demonstrate one driver was speeding and also whether any traffic tickets were issued. They can provide valuable evidence with regards to liability, which is why accident victims should make sure to get copies of them for their case. Where police officers do not show up, victims may have to report the incident to the closest police station and conduct their own inquiries.

State traffic laws can also be a valuable source of evidence when it comes to proving fault. For example, if someone failed to yield when legally bound to do so or was traveling faster than the speed limit allows, pointing to the relevant section in the vehicle code can help prove fault.

When one has been injured in a car accident, going through vehicle codes or conducting one's own investigation into the crash can prove overwhelming and cumbersome. An experienced attorney may have the required resources to help accident victims proceed with their case in court.

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