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Most causes for birth injuries take place during birth

Giving birth to a baby should be a beautiful occasion for California residents, as it is both the culmination of a nine-month wait and the beginning of a new life. However, when medical mistakes mar the birth, it can have serious repercussions on both the baby and the new parent's lives. It is an unfortunate fact that millions of babies suffer from brain damage each year and most of the causes for the damage take place just before or during birth.

Physical trauma is one of the most common reasons for birth injuries. This could be the result of the usage of a vacuum or forceps during delivery. If not placed properly, a baby's fragile head could be damaged. Brain damage can also occur if the delivery is long and difficult and the baby's head repeatedly strikes the mother's pelvic bone. If the baby is pulled excessively or twisted during a difficult birth, it could also hurt the baby.

There are a number of events that can take place during a delivery that could cause oxygen to be deprived to a baby's brain. The umbilical cord can wrap around the infant's neck, the mother can have blood pressure issues, the baby may not start breathing on their own quickly enough after birth or the placenta could dislodge and get stuck in the mother's birth canal-all factors contributing to birth asphyxia. In each of these instances, swift medical intervention is required to get the baby the oxygen they need and it might be possible to recover completely if that happens.

Whether medical negligence or medical mistakes have contributed to a birth injury, it can wreak havoc on the lives of new parents who expected to take home a healthy baby. Patients might need extensive and ongoing medical care for a number of months or years and a medical malpractice suit might be one way to recover those costs and hold medical professionals accountable for their behavior.

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