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What are dog bite laws in California?

While dog may be man's best friend, he can also become one's worst enemy if not trained or treated properly. An animal attack can be very traumatic for the victim, and it may take extensive medical attention for the physical and emotional scars to heal. However, these costs do not always have to be borne by the accident victim, as per premises liability law protects against injuries suffered due to a negligent property owner.

One seriously injured in restaurant car crash

No one expects to become involved in a car accident, but it is one of the realities drivers on the road in California have to contend with daily when they get into their vehicles. While driving is one of the most common behaviors people across the country engage in, it is also one of the most dangerous, with people dying in car accidents on a daily basis. However, people do not expect to suffer injuries from a car accident while sitting inside a restaurant, which is exactly what happened in California recently.

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